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Table tennis is probably the fastest sport on earth. The ball crosses the net with up to 180 km/h. You hardly have time to react properly.
That is why you have to be fast. You must not lose any time. You need a firm grip, comfortable and lightweight footwear that can withstand all the stress.

We offer you the right shoes to always be a bit faster than your opponent in modern table tennis.

3D Sole cushions and
enables fast, ground-level
motion sequences.


Tiny structures on the surface of
the profile guarantee extreme grip.

Core made of TPU+ material
supports the mid foot area.


Air Ventilation Window (AVW)
for optimal ventilation.

Cross Step 2

89.95 €

CROSS STEP 2 Fiery Coral

89.95 €

Cross Step 2 Hologram

99.95 €

Shuffle Step 2

74.95 €