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Rasanter Hexer Greener

Not getting any GREENER!

As it is well known, the color green stands for new beginnings – and in the Indian Holi color festival for absolute bliss. Thus it doesn't matter whether it's your colorful RASANTER new start or you find absolute bliss with one of the two green andro HEXER - now you can start with 3 green top-performance rubbers from andro. The green ENERGY CELL sponge and the RASANTER R48 in bright green - now that's a real eye-catcher, too. And with the two green HEXER rubbers, spin-oriented offensive players also play in the top league in terms of colour. HEXER GRIP and HEXER POWERGRIP are now available in green.

There is a long and difficult process behind the ITTF approval of colored rubbers. We are convinced of the idea because emotion, openness to new things and creativity are part of our brand DNA. And green is just the beginning. The feedback from Adam Bobrow and many other andro players on the new options inspire us. Be one of the first to add more color to the game now.

green rubbers