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32. andro Kids Open

32nd andro Kids Open: Table Tennis Festival of the Superlative  

The 32nd andro Kids Open are over and proved once again why they are considered THE table tennis event for young talents par excellence. As a "TT-MEGA-PARTY", the tournament offered a platform for young table tennis talents from all over the world to show their skills, make friends and experience an unforgettable table tennis party together. "I always say that this is actually like a family reunion, a big table tennis party that we celebrate at the end of August and I think we can all rightly be a little proud of that together," commented Borussia Düsseldorf's manager Andreas Preuß on the successful weekend. 

900 children and teenagers traveled to Düsseldorf from countries including Latvia, Italy, China, Belgium, Great Britain, Lithuania, Israel and Turkey to take part in this unique event. From August 18 to 20, the focus was on sports, games and fun. At the German Table Tennis Center in Dusseldorf, there was cheering, celebrating, laughing and clapping along. The participants, aged 5 to 18, were divided into 6 age groups, each with a boys' and a girls' competition as well as a singles and a doubles competition. President Marcel Piwolinski and Borussia manager Andreas Preuß together with andro brand ambassador Adam Bobrow presented the winners with the cups, medals, certificates and prizes at the end. "Although it was the 32nd andro Kids Open, it was nevertheless also something new: the biggest event we have ever had here at Borussia and at the DTTZ. And we handled it great. I'm really happy and think it's the right way that we stayed here in our home country after the corona-related smaller editions," Preuß summed up a successful weekend. 

32. andro Kids Open 2023

In the program accompanying the andro Kids Open, the focus is on table tennis, but there are also numerous fun and games stations to bridge the tournament breaks. Bouncy castles were used for romping, box climbing for testing balance and goal wall shooting for testing soccer skills. In addition, table tennis tables of different sizes challenged the ball feeling of the children and teenagers. At the andro sales booths the material could be renewed and lotteries could be participated in. A highlight of the 32nd andro Kids Open was the opportunity to experience table tennis stars up close. YouTube star Adam Bobrow Adam Bobrow - YouTube played for more than four hours with everyone who dared to compete against his snake stroke. Also andro ProTeam player Sabine Winter and coach Danny Heister were present at a showmatch on Friday evening and afterwards together with Adam they signed autographs and took pictures for the fans.  

The 32nd andro Kids Open united not only sporting excellence, but also boundless enthusiasm, international community and unforgettable fun - a real giant party for young table tennis talents from all over the world. This unforgettable weekend, characterized by enthusiasm and camaraderie, will be remembered by participants and spectators for a long time to come. We are already looking forward to next year!