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RASANT - Power is nothing without grip! » andro ®
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RASANT – Power is nothing without GRIP


Coming soon! - RASANT GRIP and RASANT POWERGRIP respresenting the top-level of RASANT rubber technology!


Each player with his individual skills and his own technique searches for the best rubber. andro believes that a wide range of rubber technologies have to be provided in order to suit each and every player. andro faces those challenges day by day.


The RASANT technology defines a new level for spin and speed. By fierce development work of the high tech material a unique green and coarse-pored sponge structure with superior  dynamics has been achieved.

Developing the upcoming 2 variants focus laid on surface and its grip. The name GRIP and POWERGRIP therefore are self-explaining.

The optimized surface design provides consistent stability and immediate interlinking of ball and rubber leading to a perceptible distinction for a more precise flying-curve of the ball.


GRIP and POWERGRIP in stores from beginning of April 2014 on!
More information to come very soon! Up to that point experience the World of RASANT:

Get insights and see the complex production steps of a RASANT rubber: