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Outstanding results by Natalia Bajor and Adam Szudi

Natalia Bajor + Adam Szudi3

Traditionally, on the first weekend of March each year, the national championships take place in almost all European countries. Already on Sunday evening the first success messages reached us: Adam Szudi, who has been one of the top Hungarian players for many years, won the Hungarian Championships for the second time in his career.

Natalia Bajor, who was also able to win the doubles, was able to do the same in Poland for the first time. Those who followed Natalia's development over the last months and years could definitely observe a steady improvement in her performance. With her victory at the Polish Championships she set a real exclamation mark. Maybe we'll even see Natalia on the podium at international events soon.

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The players of the andro Pro Team could also convince in other countries:

By winning the Gold medal in the mixed competition, youngster Adrien Rassenfosse showed up for the first time in Belgium in the adult sector. 

The weekend was very unfortunate for andro star Sabine Winter. She fought her way into the semi-finals in all three competitions, in some cases with incredible performances. For example in the quarter finals, where she thrilled the audience with spectacular topspins from all positions. On Sunday morning, however, the shocking news came that Sabine unfortunately had to pass with neck and shoulder pain. We wish Sabine a speedy recovery and hope that we can see her back in shape soon at some of the important international tournaments this year.

The following andro stars made it to the podium:

Natalia Bajor – 1st in Women‘s Singles & Doubles
Anna & Katarzyna Wegrzyn – 2nd in Women’s Doubles

Czech Republic
Tomas Konecny – 3rd in Men’s Singles & 2nd in Doubles

Ugne Baskutyte – 3rd in Women‘s Singles & Doubles

Adrien Rassenfosse – 1st in Mixed Doubles

Sabine Winter – 3rd in Women’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles
Kilian Ort – 3rd in Mixed Doubles
Erik Bottroff – 3rd in Men’s Doubles
Gianluca Walther & Robin Malessa – 3rd in Men’s Doubles

Stéphane Ouaiche – 2nd in Men’s Doubles

Dimitri Brunner – 2nd in Men’s Doubles

Stephane Ouaiche