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This year, victory in the Czech Clubs Tournament did not change sides. As last year, El Niño Prague and MSK Gumotex Břeclav became the champions, showing an outstanding performance in the finals and semi-finals.

The female players from MSK Gumotex Břeclav did not lose one single match, only losing a couple of sets against SK Dobre in the finals. The winning squad, comprised of Dana Čechová, Karin Adámková and Vivien Ellöová, just continued with their unstoppable winning strike of the last few weeks. Their coach, Petr Nedoma, explains: "To win and remain winners is very hard, but things worked out our way and we had the confidence that recent achievements gave us". According to his own words, the early winnings by Vivien and Dana against Hana Kubátova and Tamara Tomanova paved the way for the following success...

MSK BGumotex Breclav

Czech Tournament men and women, 2018

Final women

SK Dobré – MSK Gumotex Břeclav 0:5

Daniela ROZÍNKOVÁ – Dana ČECHOVÁ 0:3 (-6,-9,-5), Zdena BLAŠKOVÁ – Vivien ELLÖOVÁ 1:3 (-2,-9,9,-7), Aneta KUČEROVÁ – Karin ADÁMKOVÁ 0:3 (-7,-8,-10), Zdena BLAŠKOVÁ – Dana ČECHOVÁ 1:3 (5,-10,-5,-8), Daniela ROZÍNKOVÁ – Karin ADÁMKOVÁ 0:3 (-5,-7,-6).

Third place

CDU SPORT – Stolní tenis Ostrava – MK Řeznovice TT DOKTOR KLADIVO.CZ Moravský Krumlov 5:3

Simona ŠLEHOBROVÁ – Daniela RŮŽIČKOVÁ 3:0 (1,7,10), Hana KUBÁTOVÁ – Mitsuki YOSHIDOVÁ 3:1 (-4,8,9,6), Tamara TOMANOVÁ – Jekatěrina ČERNAVSKAJA 1:3 (-5,-4,8,-9), Hana KUBÁTOVÁ – Barbora KAPOUNOVÁ 3:0 (7,7,10), Simona ŠLEHOBROVÁ – Jekatěrina ČERNAVSKAJA 0:3 (-9,-9,-5), Tamara TOMANOVÁ – Mitsuki YOSHIDOVÁ 2:3 (-7,7,7,-3,-9), Hana KUBÁTOVÁ – Jekatěrina ČERNAVSKAJA 3:2 (8,-3,9,-7,8), Tamara TOMANOVÁ – Barbora KAPOUNOVÁ 3:0 (8,10,8).