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Cedric Meissner wins gold in Team-Event and silver in Doubles


Between June 14. and 23. the 60. Europen Youth-Championships took place in Guimarães (Portugal), where the German Boys-Team could win the gold medal.
One of the participants, andro-player Cedric Meissner who reported us from his impressions:

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andro: Which impressions did you get during the Championships?
Cedric: It's a great felling to be a part of it. The athmosphere in the arena was impressive. The team spirit and the support was excellent, as well.

How did you get informed you will be part of the team?
In a teammeeting at the end of our 2. build-up program.

How did you prepare for the tournament?
We had 3 intense courses in the DTTZ in Düsseldorf. There we practiced three times a day.

Unexpectedly you won the semi-final with 3:2 against the No. 2 seeded Romania.
How do you prepared for this opponent?
With video analysis.

What do you thought when Gerrit Engemann was already down 5:10 in the deciding fifth match and game?
Of course I thought the game will be at any time and we can rejoice over the bronce medal as well. After all we reached our target, to qualify for the World Junior-Championships. But then he made point by point. At 9:10 I hade hope again and believed that we could win.

How did you feel right before the finale against Russia? Have you been nervous?
I had quite a good feeling that this time we will do better than in the group stage (2:3 loss).
When I personally have to play I am rarely nervous.

How many massages did you receive after the final?
To be honest, I have no clue about that. It's been a lot, on this evening and the following days. I was really surprised  how many of my friends have seen the final.

And who was the first one congratulating you?
I think it was my Clubcoach Frank Schönemeier.

How did you celebrate this achievement?
Our whole team went to dinner on the last evening in Guimarães.

Why did you play in the doubles event with Simon Soderlund from Sweden?
We were five german participants and I just stood over. Then the Swedish Association asked for a partner for Simon.

Did you practice together in advance of the tournamant?
We met two hours before our first match and practiced a little bit.

In what way did your blade and rubbers support you in your own game?
I'm playing with andro blades and rubbers for 3 years now and I am just satisfied with it.

How does your current daily routine look like?
Where and how often do you practice?
Until the end of january 2018 I'm doing my voluntary social year at the local german association of Lower Saxony in Hannover, where I also live in the boarding sport school. There I can practice twice a day, three times a week I'm doing something for my strangth and at least once a week I'm going for a run around a local lake.

What are your future targets, personally and with yout team?
Do you want to become a pro?
At first I hope to get nominated for the World-Juniors, of course. But unfortunately only four players are allowed to take part in it.
With my team our target is to advance to the 2. league.
Personally for the next two years I will only focus on tabletennis and try to become a pro. Therefore it would be important to stay without any injuries.