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„Kids were grateful and happy“

Last Friday at 12.00 am the andro Kids Open Heimatsommer 2021 tournament started, ending midday of Sunday with the award ceremony for the male-singles event. Next to changes because of the global Covid-19 pandemic there was another premiere: the Kids Open TV, a 3 hour livestream reporting about the event.

170 participants from Germany attended this years andro Kids Open Heimatsommer 2021. The girls events were first on the agenda for Friday, followed by the boys events on Saturday and Sunday. There were four divisions in each of the boys and girls single events, with two age groups being grouped together. The oldest contestant was 17 years of age, while the youngest was just 6 years old. The tournament was divided into preliminary rounds and finals. During the preliminary rounds all player of a group played against each other, because of this everyone played the same amount of matches and the kids were confined into small groups.

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Despite of the long pause of competitive matches the kids showed great and partially high-class table tennis. The 45 female contestants completed their preliminary round and finals on Friday, with the award ceremony being held that same evening. The 128 boys were divided into preliminary groups of 8 and fought for the best possible outcome to be in the final group round.

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Award ceremony boys-single 2004/05

Next to the sporting competitions, which also includes the „NRW-Talent-Cup“, where the kids had to complete various tasks related to table tennis, the many join-in activities, that were among others organized by Borussia Düsseldorfs partner club Döbelnder SV, were highly utilized. Furthermore the kids had the chance to look around in the andro table tennis shop.

„The Kids and teens were very thankful and happy, that they finally could play table tennis again and compete in a tournament“, says Borussia-manager Andreas Preuß. „They had a whole lot of fun. That is exactly, what we were aiming for. The kids should have a positive experience and play their sport again, because this was not always possible in the last one and a half years. The fact that there were only 170 contestants instead of 1.500, or that two age groups had to be grouped together, did not hinder the spirit of the tournament. Everyone involved adapted to the new conditions, so that everything ran smoothly. We thank the players, the coaches and our 40 volunteers. Especially we want to thank our long-term partner andro for their support, aswell as the Sportland NRW, the Sportstadt Düsseldorf and ARAG.“ 

The new Kids Open TV celebrated its premiere, on Sunday a studio was build and from 9 to 12 they were broadcasting live. During this time six matches of the boys singles 2004/05 event, which Bennet Robben from the club MTV Jever won, were shown. The girls events were also recapped and guests interviewed, including Anja Bergmann, the marketing director of Schöler+Micke and brand andro , the long-standing participant and coach of the club TV Geseke Tobias Wibke and the manager of Borussia Düsseldorf Andreas Preuß. The show can be found on-demand in full length here:


Source: Borussia Düsseldorf