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16223000 PolyS 72 wht 300dpi rgb ausgeschnitten 16223009 PolyS 9pcs wht 300dpi rgb


Many things are still in discussion on plastic balls, but for sure, the future will be free of celluloid. While many questions are still open at the high end 3star level for the pro players, we have now the ideal solution for your daily club training: the andro PolyS. Due to the precise in-mold manufacturing process  the new plastic training ball offers a remarkable roundness. We are convinced the andro PolyS stands for may be the best value for money on the market. And that is quite an argument when you need a reasonable priced ball for the kids training or for loading your buckets in those ball consuming teaching lessons.

Material: Plastic

Color: white + orange


Pack of 72
16223000 white 
16223372 orange
RSP 31,95 €

Tube of 9
16223009 white
16223309 orange
RSP 6,95 €