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A mega event has been expected to take place and afterwards one can say that the event fulfilled all of this!
andro likes to say thank you with a little video of the WTTC and the amazing time.
A presentation of the highest order for our table tennis sport!

From 29 May to 5 June 2017, table tennis players from all over the world drew their eyes on the sport city of Düsseldorf. The World Table Tennis Championships took place at the exhibition ground there. A truly breathtaking event, the size of which can hardly be met with the figures below: Athletes from more than 100 nations were registered, accompanied by delegates from 140 countries and more than 58,000 cheering spectators. Several exhibition halls were conquered by table tennis enthusiasts from all over the world, and the event was crowned by a final in the men's singles, which will be remembered as an absolute highlight with all its drama.

The World Championships were surrounded by a supporting program that leaves nothing to be desired. DTTB and ITTF offered the spectators in the fun park or in the open air zone at the TTX tables the opportunity to grab their own bats, while behind the grandstands, devotional items of the TT history were shown and spectators were chatting at the many sponsor stands.
andro has also contributed to this framework program with a very unusual stand. The booth, covered by a huge andro cube, offered the andro fan everything he had hoped for - and more. While special offers on the left side of the booth found their place, the fan on the opposite side could admire the new andro-textile collection 2017/2018. He had the opportunity to relax in the andro lounge and watch the colorful activity. Directly beside it there was the possibility to obtain a lot of information about the product, which currently takes the TT world by storm: at the andro RASANTER info stand there was always a specialist available to answer the questions, or to hand out an andro TT reporter.

... and then there were also the many special actions, which caused a lot of pressure on the andro stand:
In the first days of the event the focus was on the andro Speedtest. Here, the fan was given the opportunity to have his stroke speed tested by a measuring device. The daily high score with the hardest or rather fastest stroke received an andro RASANTER.
At the final weekend, the absolute highlight came, as the ttt3000 was presented to the general public for the first time as part of the RASANTER Shootout. The RASANTER Shootout powered by is a game that is projected onto an interactive table tennis table. The player had to meet different goals within 30 seconds and could also take home an andro RASANTER.
The RASANTER Shootout quickly became a talking point for the off-court, attracting the fans' attention.
In the phases of the recovery from the RASANTER Shootout, fans had the chance to conjure their fortune in the andro charity campaigns. In addition to the well-known KiO Balltombola, a KiO Wheel of Fortune had also been set up at the stand of the andro cooperation partner, the Westdeutsche TT-Verband. In both campaigns, fat profits were waving for those who have left 1, - Euro for a beneficial purpose (child support organ transplant).

Against the backdrop of all these actions and the extraordinary atmosphere, the andro stand quickly became a meeting point for the young and old. Numerous celebrities of the TT scene watched regularly at the andro booth to talk about the current happenings or to exchange stories from the good old times. The guest of honour at the booth was surely Berni Vossebein, who has entered the German TT history as "the lion of Bochum". Berni has always belonged to the andro family and the more his visits to the andro booth were appreciated.
Vossebein Roski RASANTER

The World Table Tennis Championships 2017 in Düsseldorf will go down in history as one of the most complex and diverse TT events of all time. The andro team is proud to have contributed to its parts and is grateful to all those who have supported and visited us.