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andro® TT-School Borussia Duesseldorf – practice like the Pros since 20 years!


The success story of the andro table tennis school began with the completion of the TT-Center of Borussia Dusseldorf in 1994. Under the administrative and athletic direction of manager Matthias Ernst already 20 years of trustful partnership between the TT- school Borussia Duesseldorf and name giver and equipment supplier andro has developed.

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From the beginning focus has been set on participants and professional training, what has also  been reflected by the slogans of the past 20 years: "Table Tennis Total under one roof ", "More intense, more interesting and more individual", "Better Training for your success " and "Practice where the Pros are home".

Professional training in a professional environment with professional instructions by licensed coaches - as individual and intensely as possible: Nothing has changed in this ambitious objective to this day. This is achieved primarily through a quantitatively good coach-player relationship. Whether training in the renovated ARAG Center Court, accommodation at the sport hotel Borussia Duesseldorf or the full pension in the dining room of the DTTZ - the 1500 annual participants in the program experience the everyday life of a professional „under one roof". The TT-Center Borussia Duesseldorf provides best conditions!

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The "real" professionals and world-class players of the most successful table tennis club Borussia Duesseldorf also train here in the TT-Center and one can be very close to one’s idols. With proper scheduling, you can even experience them “live” in action during a Premier League or European Champions League match as part of a course!

The fun part has never been and is still not too little. This is already guaranteed by the proven honorary coach system with many committed coaches who ensure that each course is an individual experience. Reason enough for course repeaters visiting up several courses among 70 a year. No matter if young or old, male or female - all skill levels and ages are welcome in the andro TT-school. Another reason for the numerous clubs visiting the andro TT-school is also the longest bar in the world in Düsseldorf's Old Town…

Ball Bucket training, video-analysis with HD camera, ball robots, material consulting, Speedmaster, modern warm-up, interval training, participant T- shirts, tournament prizes – each courses’ scope of services is broadly defined and rich in variety.

Take a look on the homepage of the andro TT-school and their Facebook page. Maybe the andro TT-school can also convince you.