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Trickshot and successes at the
West German Championships 2020

On 18 and 19 January 2020, the West German Women's / Men's Individual Championships took place in Waltrop | Germany. Not only the tables were fully occupied, but also the audience. Many exciting games and rallies were offered to the spectators. andro product manager Björn Helbing provided the ball of the day in the quarter-final game against Kirill Fadeev with his trick shot. 


Winners Singles:

WEDM 2020 DamenHerren Einzel zsm

1. Dennis Klein
2. Erik Bottroff
3. Kirill Fadeev
3. Gianluca Walther

1. Nadine Bollmeier
2. Anne Sewöster
3. Yuki Tsutsui
3. Leonie Berger


Winners Doubles:

WEDM 2020 DamenHerren Doppel zsm

1. Kirill Fadeev / Erik Bottroff
2. Robin Malessa / Gianluca Walther
3. Michael Servanty / Tom Mykietyn
3. Björn Helbing / Philipp Gärtner            

1. Charlotte Schönau / Hannah Schönau
2. Yuki Tsutsui / Verena Duhr 
3. Leonie Berger / Melissa Dortmann
3. Anne Sewöster / Christiane Thöne