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TSV Bad Königshofen
Underdog with astonishing potential


It is the last week of November 2017 and andro club TSV Bad Königshofen has every reason to celebrate. Last Sunday, the league freshman completely surprisingly beat the champions of Borussia Dusseldorf 3: 2. It was already the second win of the season. This is already more than many observers or competitors would have expected before the season. The club is currently swimming on a wave of success and is ranked 8 of the table after the eighth match day at eye level with Grenzau and Bergneustadt. However, with connection to midfield and that's what matters.

When asked about the success factors, manager Andreas Albert names two.
In the first place certainly the young newcomer Darko Jorgic from Slovenia. "Darko plays in every game completely free and currently has a brilliant score of 7:4. Crazy, if you look at who he already defeated this season, "said Albert. The whole team is currently benefiting from the feeling of being able to play freely, because even before the first matchday it was clear that there would be no relegated teams. Unfortunately the other two regular players Mizuki Oikawa and Kilian Ort have not been able to perform any miracles, which certainly has to do with the now much rougher wind of the TTBL. Although Oikawa is good with a score of 4: 9 and not at all disappointing, but he had already been credited with almost more outsiders victories. However, the bottom line is that those responsible can be more than satisfied with the performance of the TSV players so far.

And this satisfaction and positive energy also has a huge impact on the second success factor: the enthusiastic environment and the helper team. An enormously large team of assistants is behind home games and manages to provide the spectators with the framework for a real spectacle every time anew. After every match day, mobile videos and photos from the 700 spectators can be found on the internet and everyone has an excellent mood.

andro star Kilian Ort: "What the helpers and members are doing here for every game is truly worthy of their honor. Already in the past years in the 2.Bundesliga I had the feeling that the special atmosphere in the home games is hard to top. But the showcourt atmosphere and the crackling in the hall make the TTBL even more intense. "
If you want to convince yourself of the special atmosphere at the home games of the TSV Bad Königshofen, please note the following dates:

3rd December - Opponent: Post SV Mühlhausen
December 10 - SV Werder Bremen
January 21 - ASV Grünwettersbach
January 28 - TTC RhönSprudel Fulda-Maberzell
February 18 - TTC Schwalbe Bergneustadt
March 18 - Borussia Dusseldorf