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TSV Bad Königshofen - Towards higher goals

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When TSV Bad Königshofen plays the first home game of the new season on Saturday 17 August, the club from Franconia will for the first time do so in an unusual role. After two seasons in which they were more or less underdog, andro's own Kilian Ort and his team are now the favourites in the ring in the majority of matches. 

It has come to this above all through the new commitment of the experienced Bastian Steger. The right-hander, who has been a permanent member of the German national team for many years, is one of the most valuable players of the TTBL. In the whole season 18/19 "Basti" had a great result of 23:10. 

Now Steger serves in the fine andro dress of the TSV Bad Königshofen and replaces Bence Majoros, who in his first year in the TTBL could not always call his great potential. With the new top player and the valuable experience that Steger brings with him, TSV is clearly one of the Play Off candidates.

This is not least due to the young Japanese Mizuki Oikawa, who has improved a lot in the last season. Oikawa finished the season with a score of 18:9 and could show himself as match winner several times. He grew into the role of the top player and filled it better from match to match during the season.

The fact that Steger has arrived in Bad Königshofen does not necessarily mean that he has to be put in position 1, but that he can also be number 2, will be a real gain for coach Itagaki.

Kilian Ort was also able to improve. With a positive overall score of 10:9, Kilian proved that he has arrived in the TTBL. Victories against established stars like Daniel Habesohn, Bojan Tokic or Bastian Steger prove this impressively. For Kilian it will be a great feeling to be able to play with two top players in the back as number 3 liberated. We are very excited!

Once again the team is completed by the Croatian Filip Zeljko, who is also almost at home in Bad Königshofen. As part of the winner team three years ago, he is now already entering his third TTBL season, where he clearly likes his role as number 4 with occasional joker bets. After a short break on the international stage, Filip is also about to play his way back into the Croatian national team. Recently he won a place in the Croatian team for the European Championship in Nantes. 

One thing is for sure: TSV will be a great team to look forward to in the 2019/2020 season!