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TSV Bad Königshofen
The boom continues!



Three large pins mark the most important spots on the TT map:
The undisputed TT capital of Germany is Düsseldorf, where Borussia Düsseldorf has developed into the world-famous Mecca of our beloved sport. The TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen is moving in the footsteps of the Düsseldorf club, who have already delivered bitter fights in all competitions to Borussia in the past season. Also in the South, but one state further, TSV Bad Königshofen can be found. Bad Königshofen im Grabfeld is a small town with about 6,000 inhabitants and nowhere in Germany table tennis is booming as much as here. The Shakehands Arena, where the TSV also hosts its TTBL home games, is bursting at the seams at every training, while the regional ranking tournaments and championships are increasingly dominated by TSV's youngsters. Home games with over 1,000 spectators? Not uncommon in the tranquil town with the beautiful market square.

Inspired by this boom, the showpiece, the first men's team, will start its second TTBL season on 19 August. After the first year in the TTBL mainly served to gain experience and to gain an impression of the level of play of the highest German league, in the second year, quite a few surprises may be expected. Especially since the increase of the teams also increases the danger of a possible relegation in the room.

Home-grown and andro star Kilian Ort has gone through a season of highs and lows, eventually rising to # 208 on the ITTF world rankings. His claims in the German TT he has been able to make clear especially by winning the silver medal at the German Championships in Berlin.

In addition to Kilian, the Japanese crowd favorite Mizuki Oikawa and the young Croat Filip Zeljko are still in the team. In his time in Bad Königshofen, Oikawa has even been able to reach the top 100 and now belongs to the group of players who regularly push top stars out of the tournament on the ITTF World Tour. Zeljko paid back the confidence in him in a very special way: He was recently completely in the service of the club, by helping out to the second team more often than agreed and thus played an important role in their climb. The climb of the second team is also a matter of the heart because it makes it more interesting for their own junior players and can serve as a springboard to higher levels.

The key player of the season, Darko Jorgic, has left the club and is now being replaced by the young Hungarian Bence Majoros. Majoros is said to have similar potential to Jorgic. Majoros, however, also has a fabulous feeling on the ball, which seems to override the limits of physics in some strokes. He is already ranked 99th in the world rankings and thus only a few places away from Jorgic.

The first home game of the season is dated for Sunday, September 2 at 15 clock and it's nothing less than a true derby: The TTC RhönSprudel Fulda-Maberzell is a neighbor in the region and comes around with Ruwen Filus and Wang Xi two defensive specialists in their team. There can hardly be a better starting point for an unforgettable TT afternoon.