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The genesis of andro® begins in Dortmund in the late 80s. When more than 25 years ago the first ideas and products from experienced former table tennis national and 1.division players Wilfried Micke and Ralf Wosik came up, the brand is young, small and specially designed to meet the needs of table tennis players in Germany. Today, nearly 3 decades later, andro® has accomplished to take its part in the international table tennis scene.
The basis for this development is laid in the late 90s, when the brand begins to establish itself in the professional field of table tennis. The team around the CEO’s Micke & Wosik  can ideally express its personal experience into andro® ‘s innovative product development and leave an imprint to the table tennis market.

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Thus, up to the year 2000 rubbers and blades are developed that are designed to meet the specific needs of different game and skill levels in table tennis. Any individual player can and should find himself, independently from his own level, in the andro® range - the right material for every player.
The former slogan "be first in the fastest game on earth" highlights the ambitions in top-sports. Following to that international professional players have been won for the brand and events like the European Championships or Europe TOP12 tournaments have been equipped with andro® material. A number of national regional associations such as the West German TT Federation and international top clubs are under contract since many years. The reigning French Champion and ETTU Cup winner of 2011, Chartres ASTT, are equipped by andro® as well the Polish National Teams.

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In addition to that the promotion of young talented players has always been a matter of the heart and proximity to young table tennis players an integral part of brand management.
With the andro® Kids Open the largest table tennis tournament for young players in Europe was launched over 25 years ago, with annual participants of about 1,500 children in Düsseldorf. Also located in Dusseldorf is the andro®-TT-school. For years it has been firmly established in course of training.

andro® is delighted in being a pioneer and goes its own way in table tennis. Thus andro® has been one of the first table tennis brands to introduce breathable microfibre shirts to the market at a time where there cotton shirts dominated the sports-halls.

Special attention is given to table tennis rubbers as the performance-determining product. The product management team that is led by former German TOP12 Winner David Daus and 2nd League player Björn Helbing continuously develops and expands the rubber range in close cooperation with engineers and chemists of the production. Professionals need other rubbers than lower league players which is taken into account by andro®’s different rubber families and new developments.
An important factor is the production facility: All andro® rubbers are manufactured in Germany and highest "Made in Germany" quality products are quickly available at the company’s headquarter without long transport routes.
Today andro® is one of the leading brands in the German table tennis market. Internationally, several long-term business relations have been built up in all major table tennis markets, e.g.  in Japan even an andro® subsidiary "andro® Japan" has been established.
andro®’s team is young and full of ideas for the next few years: "We at andro® love what we do, and we look forward bring new ideas and surprising moments into the sports of table tennis."