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National Championships:
Szudi, Bajor and Gauzy are the big winners

2020 is the year that all world-class players have been working towards for four years, with the Olympic Games in Tokyo on the agenda. The athletes are already working on slowly but surely moving their form curve upwards. With barely five months to go before the start of the Olympic competitions, the National Championships can therefore be taken as a reliable indicator of the form of the top stars.  For example, if you have seen the final of the French Championships in Arnas between andro top star Simon Gauzy and Quentin Robinot, you already have an idea what great sport will be awaiting you in the coming months.



Simon Gauzy dominated the final by every trick in the book and didn't give right-hander Robinot, who was able to present himself in his old form after a long injury break, any significant chance. With precise backstrokes, brute forehands and a relentlessness in backhand duels that is otherwise only known from the Chinese stars, he only allowed his opponent to win a single set. 

In this way, the 25-year-old Gauzy won the second championship title of his career after 2013 and at the same time proved his top form.

 Natalia Bajor 2020 NM

Natalia Bajor performed equally impressively in Poland. She will remember 2020 as the year in which she took home gold in both singles and doubles. Especially in the final of the women's singles competition she had to put up a strong resistance. It was only in the seventh set that Natalia could turn the match point and raise her arms in the air.

All in all, the 22-year-old Polish star underlined her outstanding development towards the European top with the double victory in Bialystok. Among the top 100 in the world she is already ranked 94th.

Women‘s Singles
3rd Place - Sabine Winter
Women‘s Doubles
1st Place – Sabine Winter
3rd Place – Nadine Bollmeier
Men‘s Doubles
2nd Place – Kilian Ort
3rd Place – Gianluca Walther
3rd Place – Erik Bottroff
2nd Place – Nadine Bollmeier/Erik Bottroff

Men‘s Singles
1st Place – Simon Gauzy
Men‘s Doubles
3rd Place – Stéphane Ouaiche

Women’s Singles
1st Place – Natalia Bajor
Women‘s Doubles
1st Place - Natalia Bajor
1st Place - Katarzyna Węgrzyn
2nd Place – Anna Węgrzyn

Men’s Doubles
2nd Place – Tomas Konecny

Women’s Doubles
2nd Place – Ugne Baskutyte