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Brilliant international feedback on Hexer Grip & Powergrip!

Since the beginning of the season, the new andro rubbers Hexer Grip and Hexer Powergrip are officially available.
The latest rubbers of the popular Hexer series are beside RASANTER already the second andro rubber development, which support the player in handling the changes caused by the plastic ball. While  RASANTER clearly aims to compensate spin and tempo disadvantages caused by the physical properties of the ball, the new Hexer Grip and Powergrip focuses much more on control and spin. Equipped with the popular green sponge, whose large pores provide plenty of catapult and fun, as well as a rubber surface made of a new material mix for more rotation, the latest Hexer rubbers sets new standards when it comes to the ideal matching of all lining components. All parts do fit together perfectly. 

If you try Grip or Powergrip, you will immediately be amazed by the clear and controlled feel. This feedback also highlights the many feedbacks we have received in various ways. Thanks to YouTube, we have the chance to present you at this point lovely reviews coming from Germany, Denmark and Poland. Especially spectacular is the review by Bojan Besinger, whose first rally trying the Hexer Powergrip lasted over four minutes. Can you imagine any better proof of the incredible control hidden in Hexer Grip and Powergrip?