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Intern Sebasitan Reuland's exclusive report of the andro photo shooting


The photo shooting for the new andro textile range took place on Wednesday, November 23rd 2016. For this purpose about 20 people, being representatives of andro, the advertising agency, photographers, make-up artists and, of course, the five models gathered at a local photo studio.

Sabine Winter (Germany), Ugne Baskutyte (Lithuania), Stéphane Ouaiche (France), Tomáš Konečný (Czech Republic) and Kilian Ort (Germany) performed well this year.

In order to stick to the tight schedule the photo shooting took place on two different levels. The first pictures were taken at 8 a.m.

The action photos have been taken in a bigger main studio. More than 2000 pictures have been taken. The task now is to take a look at all those and to choose the best ones. For this type of shots the professionals had to perform the same strokes and exercises like serves or topspins over and over again in differing outfits. Very interesting at this point was that they could not just play “their” strokes, but rather had to adjust in a way that the complete jersey could be seen by the camera. In order to not cover any parts of it the players always had to extend their arm motion after every stroke. In addition to that it was important to pay attention to the facial expression. Otherwise the combination of facial expression, racket- and ball position would have looked too unnatural. To create the necessary dynamics the players literally had to jump into every stroke which, all in all, was the reason that not each and every stroke hit the aimed target.


As no one of us considered bringing any surroundings to the photo shooting, we had to continuously collect balls. Catching the topspin’s from the professionals hasn’t been easy because of the nearly complete white and very well illuminated studio (no significant contrast). This, besides the fact that the balls had a much better quality than I am used to from the amateur leagues I play in, led to a lot of misestimations catching the balls. Moreover a photo studio with all its operating equipment is not a real good place for cheerful little flying table tennis balls – guess the owner of the studio will find left balls from time to time in the future.

The mere product photos and the so called loops have been taken in a much smaller studio located one level higher.
Product photos represent the whole range including all colors in the catalogue.
Loops are short video clips where a person, wearing an outfit, is recorded while turning around. The difficulty is to turn neither to fast nor to slow. Loops already used for the last and current range in order to provide the best possible illustration of the andro collection.

Around 2 PM we had have a lunch break and everyone ate some pizza or salad to have enough energy for the remaining day.

Although everyone continued highly motivated after the break, we quickly realized that the expected ending at 6 p.m. was not achievable anymore. Even though everyone had a lot of fun, you could notice that such a photo shooting is actual tough work.

Atmosphere got better again as finally all pictures were taken and we could start producing some videos. As none of the five players has any experience in acting, there were funny bloopers in nearly every scene.
Particularly impressive has been the slow-motion video footage. Sabine und Tomáš for example discussed about Sabine’s hitting area of the ball on her racket and the right respectively the minimal to late usage of her wrist.

Since there were some short breaks in between during the day, some of the attendees used this opportunities to play one or two rallies as well – even though it did not look as good as when the professionals played. Nevertheless none of the five refused to play a little bit with us. At this opportunity I even got some advices from them to improve my own game.

Really remarkable is that the professionals do not apprehend this event as an annoying duty, but appreciate the invitation as acknowledgement of their hard work and achieved successes.

At the time the last scene was finally filmed we could start to tidy up the studio and finally go back home - a long but really interesting workday finished.