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26th andro Kids Open


This year's andro KIDS OPEN have been a total success - once again!

Here the press release of Borussia Düsseldorf's press spokesman Alexander Schilling: 

"1,410 boys and girls from 23 countries made the 26th andro Kids Open a special event. In over 4,000 games on 80 table tennis tables participants struggled, rejoiced, got annoyed, established contacts and build new friendships."


138 trophies have been handed over to the winners and contiguous competitors. 13 of the 23 participating nations have entered in the winners' lists, 45 percent of the players came from German clubs. Most successful foreign nations have been Poland (5x Gold, Silver 7x and 10x bronze medals), China and Chile with each winning two gold medals and taking them back to their home countries located 9,000 or 12,000 km far away.

Borussia Duesseldorf's kids can also look back to a successful tournament. 12-year-old Rafael Schapiro won gold in the singles of 2003-born and another gold medal in the team competition with teammate Takuto Teramae. Justus von Bandemer (born 2004) fought his way to silver and Jona Steinigen took the bronze medal accomplishing his way to the semi-finals in the field of 2000-born.



On Friday and Saturday evening many kids even visited the Champions League and 1.Bundesliga matches of Borussia Düsseldorf.
They took the opportunity to be close to the action of their idols and ensured a great atmosphere at both events.

"It was an event that is one of a kind," said the enthusiastic Borussia president Dr. Fritz Wienke. "Everything went smoothly, a great atmosphere in the hall and the kids had a blast. Our thanks go to all participants and their caregivers, as well as our 120 volunteers. In particular, we would like to thanks our longstanding partner andro for their support, as well as the state NRW, the sports city of Dusseldorf and ARAG. "