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andro® Wanokiwami Midori DEF

Handcrafted in Japan

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WANOKIWAMI - a unique project. Takeshi Wanaka, a Japanese master in wood processing with the focus on processing noble woods and andro® developers worked together hand in hand. Wanaka, a well known greatness in his field with many international awards, brings all his know-how of selection, processing and bonding premium-wood into this project. The andro® development team has deliberately left a free hand to Takeshi Wanaka in many respects to allow influences from another wood processing branch. Promotion players, coaches and test players have confirmed this in numerous tests with one voice.

10229001 straight
10229002 flaired

Weight appr. 86g

RSP 139,95 €

Wanokiwani Midori DEF


  • This blade perfectly embodies the tradition of the typical Japanese defensive game at highest level.
  • The enlarged blade simplifes handling and increases the sweet spot.
  • The ideally sized core veneer of this premium defensive wood provides tremendous control, however it also allows specifc counterattacks to disturb and unsettle the opponent