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10210802 blade Novacell off s front 72dpi rgb WebShop 10210802 blade Novacell off s side 72dpi rgb WebShop


The proven CELL technology reduces vibrations from the ball impact and provides a clear impulse. React faster under time pressure and prepare yourself for the next blow!

Novacell OFFS


  • The speed version of the andro NOVACELL OFF.
  • Due to a harder and thicker core veneer, the NOVACELL OFF/S generates additional speed.
  • The CELL technology and the fnely crafted veneer combination guarantee that the NOVACELL OFF/S does not get out of control. You are the master of this blade.
  • The fastest NOVACELL for players with a fancy for an offensive play. Make your points with precise topspins and put your opponent under permanent time pressure!

10210801 straight | 10210802 flaired | 10210803 anatomic

Weight appr.. 80g

RSP € 49,95