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Rubber Protection

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Product information

Protects the surface of the table tennis pad from dust, dirt and other external influences.


  • clean rubber surface with a rubber cleaner and then allow to dry completely

  • Place the pro foil at the lower end of the rubber and stick without bubbles

  • Excess material can be cut off

What if the adhesive power wears off?

  • Clean Adhesive surface of the protective film with a wet and soft cloth
  • Let it completely dry in a clean spot and you can immeduately reuse it

Caution in usage and storage

  • Please use the product only for the protection of table tennis rubbers

  • Do not place the pro foil near fire. Do not bend or kink the film.
  • Storage conditions, storage time and how long the film is already placed onto the rubber also have an influence on the adhesive effect of the film as the condition of the rubber surface.



RSP 3,95 €

Size: 175x175 mm
Material: Acrylic resin, PET, Paper
Country of origin: Japan