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andro NUZN Rubber - Tischtennisbelag- Belag

Every ambitious player, and especially world-class players like Simon Gauzy, is constantly faced with the question of whether switching to a new rubber technology will bring the all-important advantage. Until now, this advantage could not be proven with concrete data. With the new Spinsight analysis tools, we have gone one step further and were able to provide concrete evidence in the development of the NUZN as to which rubber parameters result in measurable advantages for the individual player. This means that, for the first time, we had objective data in addition to the player's subjective feedback.


How does the spin improve in Simon Gauzy's forehand topspin on an undercut?

How much speed can the German U19 champion Andre Bertelsmeier generate with his topspin against his opponent's block with NUZN compared to his current rubber?

Spinsight has shown that with NUZN we have developed a rubber generation that enables players to reach new spheres in terms of spin and also speed. For every technically skilled player, NUZN offers the best basis for constant further development and more quality in their strokes. In addition, with the new Spinsight app, every player will be able to document their progress with objective data and fully exploit their potential.

The SPINSIGHT app helps every player to recognize how a change in stroke technique affects the performance of their topspins. Welcome to a new era of rubber technology and training methodology - All Science, No Fiction!

andro Tischtennisbelag NUZN table Tennis rubber


  • The Sponge: Optimized energy management at the molecular level brings more power, more consistency and more stability to all your shots
  • Extremely grippy top rubber offers increased optimal hitting window as well as more spin and arc.
  • Improved pimple rubber formulation dramatically extends the life of NUZN compared to other rubbers of the same type.

NUZN is thus the first generation of andro table tennis rubbers developed on the basis of scientific data from tests with professional players and Spinsight technology.


79.95 €


79.95 €