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Super Core Cell ALL » andro ®
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andro® Super Core Cell ALL

All in!

SuperCoreCell ALL 2000


  • 360° edge protection
  • Super Core System
  • Maximum sweetspot
  • Low weight


10222201 straight
10222202 flaired
10222203 anatomic

Weight: appr. 85g

RSP 48,95 €

Supercorecell 6


Who ever tested different allround blades knows that they are not constructed the same at all. Only the exactly correct blade will lead the player to victories. The veneers of the SuperCore CELL Allround have been selected in a way that maximises the mistake tolerance also for balls which are not hit precisely. Compared to conventional allround blades the CELL ALL is made of slightly thicker inner veneers and thus it is more robust. The well-balanced weight provides good control also when a player practises less. The wide range of modern stroke variations can easily be learned with this blade. As the high ball flying curve is very forgiving to mistakes it is the ideal equipment for beginners.