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Blades with soul

Ligna FR OFF


Origin, water content, storage, processing method and many more aspects have big influence on a blade’s playing characteristics. For the in Germany manufactured exclusive andro® LIGNA series only the fi nest wood, which is also used for manufacturing violins, is processed.

Particular attention is given to the sawing method of the wood veneers: Only the fi nest sawn veneers are processed for LIGNA woods. Major advantage is that this processing leaves no scar on the veneers behind. Consistently solid and clean cut veneers on both sides form the foundation for an outstanding feel. Wood in the way it should be.

10229201 straight
10229202 flaired

Weight appr. 95g

RSP 139,95 €


Blades with an intermediate synthetic fi ber layer mostly have only millisecondsto proof to be a top-blade. The one millisecond in which the ball touches the bat and immediately bounces back. Woods, like andro® LIGNA F.R., that are preciously processed, evenly glued and designed with love for the detail, leave a strong imprint here. You can feel that the large sweetspot provides a constant impulse at any spot of the blade. Feel the even outfl ow of the ball without having any loss of control when switching from passive to active strokes, whilst the pace reserves are fully activated.

These are precisely those milliseconds in which the andro Ligna FR shows its strengths and where your gaming develops.

LIGNA - finest instruments!