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Engineered Balance

Flaxonite Cruiser


The idea sounds crazy, but interesting at the same time: connecting natural fibers, which are known to be relatively stiff and tear resistant and install them into a tt-blade as an intermediate layer. The andro development team has tried it and gained convincing results in a long series of tests. andro introduces Flaxonite Cruiser and Flaxonite Driver that encounter exactly the gap between solid woods and carbon blades in terms of playing characteristics.
The advantages of this innovation are obvious:

  • Light weight!
  • Direct playing feel ranged in between solid and carbon blades!
  • Optimal balance between speed and control!


10222401 straight
10222402 flaired
10222403 anatomic

Weight appr. 80g

RSP 59,95 €


andro Flaxonite Cruiser is designed for maximum versatility. No matter which shot you want to play: Flaxonite Cruiser is your back-up. Passive strokes are supported by its excellent ball feel and high control, while aggressive and point-in-strokes become very dangerous through Flaxonite Cruiser.

The key to this unusual outdoing blade: natural fiber reinforcement placed around the core veneer. The natural fiber, unlike synthetic fibers has the advantage to give priority to the playing feel rather than to the blade’s  hardness.